Central Millwork | About Us
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About Us


Central Millwork LLC. is a quality-focused manufacturer that communicates well at a corporate level with onsite associates that really care.


Our team maintains the highest levels of accountability and respect, no exceptions.

The main three pillars that sustain our team are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Hard work & life balance


Our processes are designed to ensure our quality assurance and quality control efforts are met. Our process details a plethora of tasks that include important handoffs between stakeholders while maintaining constant, accurate and timely communications.


Our investments are based on the best available technology, period. From computer navigated cutters in our plant to sophisticated sales and design software. The success of these investments is based on training the people to make better data-driven business decisions and expedite our process while maintaining the highest levels of quality possible.

Vendors and Suppliers:

Our continued success allows us to partner with highly regarded and respected institutions in our industry, most of which have both international and national stature. We select our partners based on quality, competitive pricing, wide-ranging inventory and solid customer support.

Our IQ values are simple:

INTEGRITY to uphold the highest standards in our business practices.

QUALITY in everything we do while striving for continuous improvement.